Go For The Jugular

Something simple, but it’s MultiCam so I can post it, right?

When I was looking around for good softshell options to cover myself up in somewhat inclement British weather, one thing I opted for was Fortyone Tactical‘s ‘Premium Wet Weather Neck Gaiter’, in good ol’ MC (which muggles cannot tell apart when compared to MTP, very handy). It may just be a tube of fabric, but it’s made of the same shell material as the Arc’teryx LEAF Combat jacket and that’s basically as good as it gets in a variety of ways.

This thing has not got much in the way of insulation, but actually that’s the idea, because anything insulating is going to hold on to a lot of your sweat and the moisture you breathe out. Even garments designed for warm weather usage very often feature a soft, thin fleece type lining in the collar, so the priority to my mind is stopping freezing wind and rain getting on to your neck/lower face and down in to the top of your jacket. Essentially, decreasing the exposed skin area between the bottom edge of your head gear and the top edge of your clothing; plus of course it’s well known that simple head-overs like this are incredibly versatile.

The stitching is spot on and given the fabric used I think the price asked is more than reasonable to say the least. The only minor down point I might have is that the item is perhaps too long and they’ve actually used too much fabric for it. You could almost make 2 gaiters out of this one, which is quite impressive in a way.

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