Green-ish Cryes – Dye or Special Project?

Dye sticks to more stuff than a lot of people think.

Since the images include here at not own I was originally going to post this to an IG story, but I think the info warrants sticking around. Also because I have specifically seen at least 2 sets of green dyed Gen 2 MC Cryes being sold online for quite high prices and the confusion and misinformation in the discussions around said items was extensive.

To my knowledge, Crye has never manufactured any MC NYCO fabric that’s in the regular pattern but just a little smidge greener. These dyed uniforms have been marketed as rare prototypes, but I believe they’re just normal G2 items which have been treated with a green dye. Maybe for operational use in the greener areas of Afghan (as was famously done with DDPM in theatre), maybe just to create a green Multicam prior to the release of MC Tropic. Given the abundance of G2 MC uniforms out there, that makes sense to me.

The counterpoint to this in the past has been that, supposedly, the synthetic materials would not absorb any dye at all. In this case we see a UK contract Gen 2 field shirt with zip front. While the main fabric, loop fields and thread have taken up the green, the zip has not and remains tan as per the original Multicam colour scheme for the garment. Every other similar item I have seen looked the same and the loop had absorbed the green dye.

I think this is a good subject with relation to which occam’s razor should be invoked. While not a directly supporting piece of evidence, the existence of the G3 combat shirts with factory green torso/loop fabric and standard Multicam NYCO ties in, in my opinion.

A comment under this post over on the Facebook page were still of the belief that the velcro material could not take up so much green dye, but the fact is with the right dye and when heated the loop fields on the arms will very much take a dye colouring.

If you happen to live somewhere with plenty of rain and vegetation but own some well faded Multicam uniforms then the green dye avenue might well be a good route for you to go down.

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