Grey Chest Rig Config – November 2020

I post an awful lot of individual items of kit and very little assembled rigs/guns etc, which isn’t what gets you likes and follows, but in my opinion it is better in terms of enabling everyone to be able to learn about the details on each specific item and subsequently to purchase exactly what they need for their personal usage. That may change a bit in future, it may not, sometimes you just need to post stuff that looks cool and isn’t so informative to break up all the technical details.

This is how my grey chest rig looks right now, though I have a Spiritus Thing 2 on the way and a Whiskey Two-Four Bag 07 to hang underneath that’s not pictured. Assembly as follows:

  • SS Micro Fight Chassis Mk3
  • SS 556 Rifle Mag Insert
  • Bergspitze Customs Zipsert (very old/early example)
  • Cheap piece of 4″ Hook to cover the front loop field
  • SS Fat Straps
  • WTF Back Strap
  • WTF Modular Expanders (2 Column)
  • Tactical Tailor Fight Light Accessory Pouch 1-V
  • TT Fight Light Flashbang/Smoke Pouch
  • Extra ITW Nexus ‘Foliage Green’ hardware from Hudson 4 Supplies
  • Patch was gifted to me by Passive Shooter
  • Magpul Industries PMAG Gen 2, Lancer SystemsL5 AWM 30 Mag + Heckler & Koch Steel Mag

Stores like SKD, OP Tac and Tac-Kit (or your national equivalent) are great in a lot of ways and if you’re not an uber-picky nerd like me who has a friend in the US then you’re better off going through a distributor, but if you want the best possible selection and stock then going straight to the source is the way forward so that’s what I did with 99% of what you see here.

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