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Hexmag Midcaps

When the announcement broke regarding these midcap magazines, I was surprised in a very positive way.  The airsoft market these days cares little for the RS-faithfulness that prompted me to get in to the sport in the first place back in 2006 and these were a very welcome return to form.  The 30 round 5.56mm Hexmags have received generally very positive reviews across the board.  They look super-fly, perform very well indeed in the ergonomics department and seem to be managing pretty well in terms of providing a competitor to the Magpul gold standard option as far as the shooting market in the US goes.

Given the entirely fictional nature of so many products released to the airsoft world these days, I had a to snap up a 4 set (personally, I’ll generally go in to a skirmish with 1 in the gun and 3 spares on my gear as a base level) and construction quality wise they don’t disappoint.  They’re not quite up there with the old PTS PMAGs or their new EPMs, but these are the closest alternative I’ve come across so far and I own a lot of 30 rounder/standard capacity/military issue 556 style plastic midcaps.

They’re available in the classic tactical trifecta of course – black, olive drab and tan/FDE.  There’s also a myriad of replacement kits to swap the hexagonal base plate retention detent and the internal followers to pretty much any colour you could want and make certain these are unique to you if you drop one on the field, but the stock orange they provide is already pretty awesome in my book.

So far I’ve only tried fitment in my Avalon (VFC) rifle and sadly they don’t do so well; they wobble a lot and I can pull some of them out fairly easily without actuating the mag release.  However, this is only one AEG and mag wells on 556 rifles vary a lot in the airsoft world, so I’ll report again once I’ve tried the fitment and feeding in more replicas.

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