H&K 433

HK have made a SCAR-L/ACR combo that’s slightly bettererer; feature wise anyway, obviously can’t comment on build quality and reliability yet.

-Non reciprocating charging handle (unlike the SCAR)
-Quick change barrels like the ACR
-Selector goes to safe all the time (unlike the AR-15)
-Folding collapsing stock, light, full ambi, takes 30rnd STANAGs but they’re showing their own metal mags like it’s 2004… alllll the same shit you see on all these cookie cutter modern assault rifles.

Doesn’t even seem to have a wiki page right now that’s how new this, but the first place I saw it was Larry Vickers‘ page.

No doubt short stroke gas piston. The BUIS look pretty anorexic, bolt catch/release button is a straight ACR rip-off basically, metal part of the charging handle looks the same as well to my eye. The German military is looking to replace the G36 right now, this will probably be it I reckon. HK and the German government are too well intertwined at this point, but as with anything, we’ll see.

Some nice Leo Köhler GmbH & Co. KG multicam shirts on display, presumably issue variants since the commercial one I have here does not feature rank epaulettes on the shoulders (obviously, this is 2017 not 1917).

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