HSP Revamp

HSP have been showing off their new showroom for what feels like forever now, Spartan117GW was there for the opening with a good look around.

Wanted to share this to highlight 2 products that were shown:
-More compact 3-mag (in 556) chest rig
-What I’m presuming are M-LOK SureFire scout mounts and sling points

I know it’s been bloody popular but I’m going to be honest here and say I really did not like the D3CR rig setup where people were plate carrier mounting it. Sticks out the front of your torso a country mile, massively slows your ability to get in and out of the PC in most designs (ruins the Tubes advantage in FS carriers), takes up far more room than the equivalent pouches to hold 4 rifle mags would have; especially with the 4 (necessary) QASMs going out the cummerbund sides, and that’s assuming you only run PALS pouches that hold single mags.

Rarely do things get popular by accident of course, I’m not ignorant of that fact and I like the compatibility with both NATO 556 and AK mags as well as the MP2 inserts (which make for the best pouch setup going imho), but I think the fixed pouch design and footprint just makes more sense when in a standalone configuration. That’s assuming of course the pouches fitted what you wanted to carry and had enough capacity. Myself, I like my GP pouches to be to the sides of the mags as Velocity/Mayflower do/did, because prone is always the best shooting position. Also for work and airsoft I’ve always stuck my pistol and spare mag/s in belt positions such that the D3CR GP pouches would get in the way (on me).

All that aside; the new rig is the size of a standard 3 rifle mag placard, which means it’ll slap right on to all your placard compatible PCs with no side buckles necessary. I’m a huge fan of a modular front design on a PC so I’d be a lot more likely to pick up this new mini rig vs the current D3CR/-H. Do I think HSP has seen the popularity of the Spiritus Systems and wanted a slice of the pie? Well who knows how long the new design has been in development… but it seems just a tad likely to my mind.

As for the rifle accessories, Travis has some strong ties with BCM and as I posted about recently BCM have only just finally ‘admitted’ that KeyMod isn’t going to win and started producing M-LOK tubes based on the original KMR shape. HSP had only been selling picatinny and KeyMod compatible mounts before, now they’re changing. 2 + 2 is 4, minus 1 that’s 3: quick maths.

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