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So I alluded to this article a little while back and I’m now happy to say the light of day hath been shone upon it (part 1 anyway). This is the first time I’ve had anything I’ve composed published elsewhere but my own media channels and given my love for all things gear related I would struggle to think of a better place than ITS Tactical.

I originally bumped in to Bryan and Kelly from ITS at SHOT 2017 by the LBT booth, which in itself was a huge stroke of luck. Bryan mentioned they were always looking for guest writers and I knew that was the right move for me. Since then I’ve been liaising with Rob Henderson who’s one of the main men over there and Bryan’s counterpart for the Gear Tasting Radio podcast.

What I originally wrote as one article has been split down the middle, which was sensible really at ~7.5k words. This first half is a super simple guide to introduce people to what they can expect from different types of commonly found uniform/tactical shirts. Old school BDUs or CS95, modern ACU or PCS as well as UBACS/Combat shirts. It’s not about specific products, just general features found on certain archetypes of clothing that somebody might be issued or purchase for their own purposes, whatever those purposes may be. Rob has done a lot of the actual formatting and brightened up my pictures as well as adding some shots which aren’t take by me of course, but the images of the individual items and 99.5% of the wording is mine.

Check it out, it may be pertinent learning for you or perhaps not but ITS always have great articles and I hope mine can live up the legacy of quality written work that they have built.

Seeking Uniformity: Differences in Battle Dress, Field Cut and Combat Cut Uniform Tops

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