Keep ’em Shut

The Muff Sack from Griffon Industries. So called because you put your electronic ear pro inside (duh).

I have a pack that I put my gloves, slings, eye pro, spare eye pro hats, extra spare base layers etc inside and my electronic ear pro was by far the most valuable item to routinely go inside said bag. It always felt a bit ‘off’ somehow not having something to put such an expensive electrical piece of gear inside to segregate it, so I’m really liking this little addition to my kit. Even as simplistic as it is.

High end cordura construction, cinches down tight and secure with loop space and a small external pocket to secure the specifically relevant items such as the correct spare batteries, connecting cables, extra gel ear cups etc. Obviously it’s available in a wide range of colours and camos and a great option to organise all those small bits and pieces (doesn’t have to be ear pro of course) then get some super cheap bits of hook tape and sharpie on them to show what’s in each sack within your larger loadout bag.

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