Kit Badger’s Initial Look at the Ammo Hub A1

Keeping with the theme (because starting a brand new gear business is not easy and take a lot of promo), I’d like to direct your attention to my good mate Ivan’s first look at the Ammo Hub:

Ivan as a US marine starting in the late 90s and was right in amongst ‘it’ during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.  He focuses more on firearms these days on his large (and ever growing) YouTube channel but he started out with nylon kit so I furnished him with a Hub to carry out a proper review.  The great thing about the way he does things is I know it’ll take a few months at least for said review to appear, but in the mean time he will have it out on the range and go through courses with it in order to actually back up his opinions on the product with some real experience of use.

Given most popular social media platform’s opinions of folks like him and I, it’s probably worth checking out his site too and bookmarking it because you never know:

1st Look: Perun X-16 & Ammo Hub A1

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