Legacy Gear Videos (and some Current Gear Videos)

If you were to ask someone that’s successful on YouTube they’d tell you I’m awful at it, but I can quite honestly say I’m fine with that.  My work comes first and will continue to do so until I leave (even if my trade has just been royally shafted by the MoD in terms of salary and other benefits) and that means I’m never going to have a nice, dedicated white space to showcase guns/gear and room to store multiple studio style lightboxes and tri-pods etc etc.  I could buy all that stuff, but in my tiny room I’d have literally nowhere to set it up let alone store it all; similar situation when I go back home.

Sometimes I’m also guilty of letting other people’s opinions get to me, but I’m not going to go in to a massively long story about how/why and the like.  Sufficed to say I’ve had most of these videos sat on my hard drive for at least a year (longer in some cases) and for various reasons haven’t edited and uploaded them.  Unfortunately during that time some of the products detailed have gone out of production and out of stock at most stores, but I think they’re all good pieces of gear that I personally find interesting.  Overall I feel it’s better to get this stuff uploaded so that people can watch them if they choose to, as opposed to simply deleting the footage.  With these done and out of the way I can move forward and hopefully bring some good content to this blog and the YouTube channel during SHOT show.

So without further ado, here’s a great big video dump all in a one’er.

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