M-LOK Domination

Soldier Systems Daily has really been smashing out the news this week, including:

-USMC’ further adoption of the M27 IAR (HK416) and moving said rifle in to a DMR role with 1-6x adjustable mag optics.

-US Army purchasing more semi-auto 762 NATO rifles to add to combat teams as an interim measure to counter long range 7.62x54R threats (eg SVD and PKM).

-US SOCOM beginning to officially investigate 6.Xmm intermediate cartridges via in-depth testing and analysis. Strong potential for wider adoption if successful I’d wager.

I’d specifically like to draw attention to this post right now:…/details-on-the-ussocom-sponsor…/

As the article mentions, the sample of KeyMod and M-LOK rails tested was fairly small, but the testing went in to great depth and the trends were clearly observable.

We all knew M-LOK was going to win, I know that was my feeling pretty much as soon as Magpul Industries Corp. unveiled their system and I looked through the open source spec sheet. Apart from anything the ability to machine it far more cheaply was a massive boon. I haven’t bought a KeyMod handguard for a couple of years now and while I’m not going to rush to replace the ones I have because they’re more than good enough for sporting usage, I’m also not planning to spend a single penny more on KeyMod unless I really need some specific mount for a rail I already own.

The new H&K rifle the US Army is scheduled to be adopting next year to replace the SR-25 will have a Geissele Automatics, LLC M-LOK rail, that will mark the first large(ish) scale military issuing of M-LOK that I know of. From then on I think it’s going to snowball.

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