M81 Hair Cut

I have a somewhat similar attitude to caps as I do combat shirts – If I can find a good quality one that’s fully patterned I’ll go for it.

If you’ve ever owned a FlexFit hat this FirstSpear iteration in US Woodland isn’t a huge departure. I’d call it more of a merch item rather than proper kit designed for duty use, given the rivet has been left up top which means it’s not ideal for wearing with Comtacs and the like. Comes pre-faded in a cotton blend fabric which is certainly comfortable to wear, just not practical if you’re expecting any actual weather.

ReFactor Tac do produce a woodland version of their blasting cap and while I’m generally a big fan of said cap’s design, the M81 looks really fake and most of the material is plain grey stretch. Much better sweat wicking that way of course, but the FirstSpear has it by far in the looks department and if performance is the concern instead of aesthetics then you’d be better served by other options.

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