Mail Call – Christmas 22

This is actually technically part 2 of the June mail call post. I had a couple of big deliveries in close succession which was easier to manage than 1 huge one, as at the time a pretty ridiculous work situation/load of responsibility had been lumped on me, so I was spending almost every day stuck on base and unable to go anywhere (essentially) when I wasn’t on base.  Thus my time photography for this site was just a little hampered.

Theme here is both rare Crye stuff and commercial items to fill in various ‘gaps’ in the collection, also, all of the Tegris.  The AXL belt and cummerbund along with the SHAW ARC chest rig are full of the stuff, mixed with cordura laminates.  At this point the LBE industry (the leaders in it anyway) has basically fully switched from using webbing, edging ribbon and 1000/500D cordura to build everything and moved over to Tegris and laser cut cordura laminates; velcro is the the real steady rock in the flowing stream.

Also my first two merino wool items from Varusteleka, the beginning of a significant purchasing trend and for good reason.

Magpul items shown here are also the start of another trend, as in the 2nd half of 2022 I’ve actually purchased hardly any camo at all.  My storage is close to full now with only a little bit of space available, which partly reserved in the event of the very most rare and unusual/interesting items coming up for sale.  There’s tons of uniform items I still have to post (years of content), but I’m moving over to making my cordura gear and airsoft RIFs the best they can be now; at least to a good extent.

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