Mail Call – December 19

I can safely say that at this point the collection has reached the stage where it’s mostly only the strange and rare stuff that will be purchased in future, although I also have some ideas for entirely custom uniform items that are currently in progress as well.

I have to say it has taken a lot of time and effort to source most of what you see here from literally all around the world. That aspect for me is actually where the enjoyment and intrigue comes in, because the apparel that interests me for the most part has never been available commercially, or if it was at one time then that time has long passed. However unlike a lot of collectors who bring these items together only to squirrel them away in a dark locker for all of time and deprive the rest of the world of seeing and knowing about such things, one of my top priorities with the website (and the associated social media) is to showcase the cool and lesser-known bits of kit which are generally only discussed in very niche circles by a very small amount of people.

A few of these items are actually upgrades (as it were) to replace some stuff already in the collection and a couple of others are simply going up for sale. Though to correct a slight misconception a few people have had before, I don’t sell much and the vast majority of what you see in posts on here stays with me. But as mentioned above, even though I do have quite a bit here none of it will be kept hidden away, it will all be discussed and depicted in good detail down the line.

ft. Crye PrecisionTactical TailorRaptor TacticalRockywoods FabricsPatagonia and Roman Kurmaz.

Last not least big thanks to my great friends in the US and Australia who help me out with compiling and shipping of kit, their time and assistance is truly invaluable and greatly appreciated.

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