Mail Call/Future of Posts

Above is all the tacticool stuff I took ownership of between May and October 2021.  Definite sub-theme of rounding out my US-issued camo collection with the patterns that are least useful here in the UK.

An update on the site:

Just so people know, posts like the yesterday’s covering the KAC RAS probably won’t be happening in future on my outlets. This website will continue to get most of my social media posts mirrored as a backup, just in case my type of content falls foul of the silicon valley bots, and if I feel like something really needs more extensive writing then of course that is the place for it since the IG limit is 2k characters.

For those of you who’ve been here a while, which is actually the majority, you may have seen I stopped working through my collection and doing write-ups on each then posting them on the site around a year ago. There’s quite a few reasons for this, primarily including a deep-hitting case of imposter syndrome and a lot of anxiety over the looming task I had before me the larger my backlog grew – I’ve got 3 years worth of ready+edited but unposted gear photography on my Google cloud at this point.

The imposter syndrome is in small part caused by the loud minority in the ‘umm akshually’ commenter brigade that I cannot abide, but mostly is a result of spending far more time in contact with people who have knowledge and experience massively outstripping my own in all areas relating to the employment of military equipment; except for maybe the area of airsoft and the L85, but those aren’t cool.

The lengthier posts will have to stop for, again, a few reasons. Sadly, effort I put in to social media content seems to be inversely proportional to the interaction with any given post and the only possible chance I have of ever catching up on that 3 year backlog, is to try and post as close to every day as I can and keep the posts short in order to make that happen.

To those consistent viewers/likers trust me I see your names and your patronage and communications are worth their weight in gold to me personally.

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