Mail Call – January 2021

I had to separate out the Crye Tiger Stripe for yesterday’s post purely because I know how much interest there is in those, but this is everything I’ve acquired by one means or another the past few months; pretty much the latter half of 2020 in this instance.  A few items will simply be sold if they are multiples/repeats or have been covered here already, some may be featured but only briefly depending on what exactly they are, but most will be covered in the usual fashion with multiple pictures and some accompanying text info.

If anyone’s looking for a PECOC trials DDPM shirt, Crye Tigerstripe stuff or an OG US Woodland G3/AC tag FR combat shirt drop me a line.


  1. Chris

    I would be interested in one of your “TS”-Shirts – please let me know!

  2. Blake

    I’d definitely be interested in a tiger stripe g3 pants.

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