Mail Call – June 21

My green-dominant/woodland camo section is pretty much  full to burst at this point, but there’s a few bits in arid and urban colourways I’m yet to obtain, though there’s only a few slots left storage space wise even in those areas.

My interest has always been American military camo patterns and I have almost all of them now, in some cases many examples if there are multiple high quality variants of the same iconic camo that I feel are worth being in the collection.  At this point I’m transitioning more to organising what I have as best as physically possible, fully optimising my belts and PCs, then the only thing left to do will be acquire a couple more airsoft guns and fully deck them out.

Of course all of that will take a few years still, I’m mostly posting individual items from 2+ years ago and as newer, better designs come along I’ve always gradually upgraded my cordura kit (anything load carrying).  The fact I’ve acquired both the Keep Clear rail Tacos and some Dynamic Fuzz ear pro covers around the same time probably says a lot about what I like in terms of fully patterning a loadout and what I already own.


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