Mail Call – October 18

For those who might not be familiar, the way these posts work is I get together pretty much everything I’ve bought in a period of 4-6 months and lay it out together for a single picture, so there’s usually only a couple of them per year.  I’ve been focusing a fair bit on building the camo collection for the past 2-3 years, though ‘the end’ is somewhat in sight in that regard.  Obviously there will never be a time there aren’t new uniforms and camo patterns on the market, but I do have an awful lot of the well known and popular camouflage patterns and colours represented at this point, certainly the ones I am interested in personally (which tends to be U.S. military stuff).  Plus of course a few little weird and unusual oddities just to break up the normality.

I’ve got a couple of airsoft gun projects that have been on the drawing board for a long time now that will start to come forward off the back-burner, as well as continuing to build up my idea of a modular gear system that I’ve talked about previously; which happens to be why you’re seeing a pair of Ferro chest rigs and some Tac Tailor pouches in this image.

I have also entered my first civilian shooting competition which will be taking place in November and that happens to be using Lee-Enfields (No1 SMLEs) since it’s the centenary of WW1 finishing, however practical shotgun using self-loading 12 bore guns is the one GB legal shooting sport that does actually interest me to an extent outside of historical rifle shooting, so I’ll be giving that some thought.  Reality is I can only buy so much NYCO and Nylon purely down to space constraints, so in not too long I will reach a point where I anything new I want to buy will require first selling something off to make a space for it.  When that happens I’ll still buy new kit here and there when it’s really good and review things I’m occasionally sent, as well as playing airsoft with some of the great people I’ve met through the game, but having a different shooting hobby that’s more in line with my real interests will be a better motivator to get me out of my chair and actually doing stuff.

That in itself isn’t really a change for me, as I’ve only been playing airsoft a few times per year throughout my entire time in the military so far anyway.  To be frank it just never really grabbed me as a hobby and made me want to take the effort of getting to games on a frequent basis, I’ve always just played as a fun way to test out kit and socialise.  Sport shooting on the other hand is something that makes me want to get out of the house for the sake of the activity alone, regardless of whether I’ve got friends attending or not.  Sadly the firearms I’d use in a work context are totally out of bounds even within a restricted club shooting environment in Great Britain, otherwise I’d certainly take outside training and compete in matches using self-loading rifles and pistols.  That said, semi-auto shotguns and bolt-action rifles are still certainly a hell of a lot of fun to shoot in a sporting and recreational context and we do have at least some semblance of a sporting firearm community left in England.

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