Mail Call – September 20

These mail call posts are certainly shrinking (in terms of surface area) as I get ever closer to the point where my storage is at absolute maximum capacity and I possess all the camo patterns that I actually want to possess, but it’s been a fun little ride.  There may be one or two more, but after that I’m going to have to actually start wearing all this stuff in pictures and finding a different hobby to gear collecting.

It has been good over the past few months to finally receive a couple of items that have been long term custom projects as well as also coming full circle – the first camo I ever bought was some replica temperate MARPAT way back in 2006 and now I have the best versions of a MARPAT uniform that exist so I can close the book on that chapter.

Of course we are in the year of Tiger Stripe so there’s a couple of bits of that in the mix and some rare Brookwood, then out of shot there’s a huge ABU digi tiger woobie blanket for reasons, but the thing I’m most excited about here is the one item in Multicam I have to say.

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