I’ve actually done a video about these WTFix attachment straps some time back, but Whiskey Two-Four kindly sent over a few bits of kit the other week and I wanted to mention these once again specifically as they’re excellent all around.

There was a fairly lengthy period of time where manufacturers were blocked from using the classic system of a strap made of webbing with a press stud on the end for pouch attachment; but they had not yet come up with the current crop of lightweight alternatives as we see now with FirstSpear 6/12 and 6/9, Crye SPS, Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper and many others. That interim was the real heyday of the MALICE clip and other plastic attachment methods like the Blackhawk clips etc. If you’ve been buying gear for some years there’s a high probability you own the likes of Tactical Tailor or HSGI pouches that do not have an integral strap, but instead just have PALS webbing on the back of said pouches that would look at home on the outside of an old plate carrier or chest rig. Tac Tailor and a few other quality brands like EmdomUSA and ESSTAC still manufacture a lot of modern designs of pouch this way.

I do like the newer FightLight/Gen 2 MALICE, they’re a good step forward as are the HSGI Clips, but when it comes to this type of pouch attachment my personal preference by far are these WTFix. All they are is very neatly and precisely laser cut Hypalon, no other materials involved. I’m deadly serious when I say they are light as a feather, super slim too, but they lock in very securely. I say this even though I’m not a fan of Hypalon on the outsides of gear as it never seems to handle abrasion well at all, either on the face or at the edges. However these straps are generally entirely encased between pouch and platform, meaning they are not subject to scraping against rocks or trees and metal edges in vehicles or aircraft etc.

Whiskey Two Four manufacture a lot of great kit but this is one of their longer running components and it’s an excellent idea all around. Seen here attached to my somewhat sun-bleached old MilSpecMonkey Stealth Admin pouch (OEM’d bu Tac Tailor), which itself is maybe a bit of an old school design by today’s standards, but if you want to organise a lot of little bits it’s a real trooper and has served me extremely well indeed.

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