More Modularity – Holsters

One of my SOC Rigs from G-Code Holsters; I picked up a new light shroud which unfortunately turned out not to work on an x300 but I chalk that up to airsoft gun dimensions. Either way it was a good reason to mention these holsters today since they’re not very well known, but I think they should be. I also need to post the HSGI high-ride leg rig I’ve got for mounting these at some point, because I made it long before tactical social media was a thing and it also far predates the common Safariland UBL + 1 leg strap setup that’s ubiquitous these days.

As far as both these holsters and the aforementioned leg rig, I found them via a good buddy of mine who used to work for PTS and was a trail blazer in the tac gear world for civilians who play airsoft and take weapons manipulation classes (which are the ‘grown up’ equivalent of bbbattles for a lot of folks lets be real). At the time, the universal fabric holsters that nobody with sense would dream of using these days had finally died their death, kydex was coming on strong, but any time you wanted to change light on your pistol you’d have to wait goodness knows how long for Raven, G-Code or whoever else to get around to making the very specific new holster you wanted.

With just a few screws the lower cowling on the SOC can be changed and all the commonly available quality pistol lights are catered to. Combining this with the G-Code RTi system you’ve got an awful lot of modularity as to which sidearm you sling on your hip and how said weapon is configured. By comparison to a fixed kydex pistol caddy on a belt slide mount it’s an absolute breeze to change things around and doubly so if you’re running lots of PALS compatible belts vs just a plain 1.75 or 2″ duty belt.

The hood retention is flipped down by spring pressure when the user presses straight down on a button upon initially creating the 3 finger grip around the frame, so it’s a perpendicular motion to Safariland. It certainly functions fine but I have found that when you wear the SOC Rig on your hip and also wear gear on your torso then lean to the side, your torso rig can end up podging down on the retention button leaving the pistol only held in by friction. This has never been a problem for me in hobby usage and this design has been for sale for many, many years with no serious complaints being abound online that I’ve seen. Quite the opposite.

Assuming I didn’t have to use the AWFUL issued Radar rig, I don’t know if this would be my absolute number one choice for duty use given one knows which light they’d be using and sticking with (for example) a certain model of SureFire, LLC X300 for many years. But the build quality is of course right up there with G-Code. The plastics can take a beating and all the metal hardware and operating parts are built to go the distance. Any time I’ve got a pistol/light combo that can fit in a model these guys offer, that’s the option I’ll take.

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