Nomad On Top

If you missed the lower half of this set from¬†PLATATAC go ahead and scroll back to find that. It’s well worth it to see the combat cut trousers in Kryptek Outdoor Group Nomad pattern.

Although they may not crop up so often these days, the P-Tac CUTS was pretty bloody popular a couple of years back and a lot of them were produced in Multicam in particular, as well as a good quantity in Mandrake, Highlander and Typhon. Not to mention a couple of the legacy Aussie patterns and the infamous SRR/Afghan ‘NDS’ sets in a weird proprietary looking pattern that I don’t even know the name of. Plus of course, a small handful of examples (possibly single digits) in Nomad, as seen here.

The spacer mesh on the shoulders is a obvious giveaway anytime somebody’s wearing one of these as it’s pretty unique to the CUTS design, though some versions were made without it but they’re less numerous. There are other combat shirts out there with padded shoulders but the padding tends to be encapsulated in NYCO, a bit like padded paintball gear. You see a lot of that coming out of Russia; also¬†Tactical Performance Inc.are another brand I’ve looked at recently and will hopefully feature here in future.

CP AC style loop fields on the upper sleeves, with an IR square cover of edging tape stowed inside the pocket lid and zip access to the bicep pockets on the sides there. The velcro cuffs and collar zip are basically just as you’d expect.

One deviation from the AC shirt I’m a fan of is the fact the elbow pads are fully enclosed in a pocket. Crye’s Gen 2 combat elbow pads are compatible but if you’re not using them there’s velcro around the inside of the pack pocket to really close it up – unlike the Army Custom shirt.

Although I don’t expect many people are interested in this particular pattern, I have to say I enjoy having this set in the collection given the combined factors of very high quality materials, great workmanship, a modern combat cut and a fairly unusual camouflage.

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  1. Mike

    Thought this shirt looked familiar, checked my NZ issue shirt and it’s almost and exact copy but in MCU developed by Hyperstealth. Check them out, they also developed patterns for the Afghani’s

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