Non-Standard Plate Carrier Adjustment

This is not advice on how to wear PPE including body armour. If you own an LV-119 for serious use follow the manufacturers’ instructions. This is just something I messed with for airsoft/play dress up.

The design of the very nice new cummerbund that Shaw Concepts offers as part of their ARC V2 PC ties in with what I’ve seen before in terms of rear plates often seeming to end up low when a front plate is set high enough to protect the vitals. So since the Spiritus Systems 3 band ‘MOLLE TUBES Cummerbund’ isn’t joined vertically I just attached it at the rear using 2 out of the 3 bands. This appears to bring the rear plate a little higher in relation to it’s alignment with the front.  Bearing in mind the torso is not vertical front and back, so simply setting your shoulder straps often won’t get both front and rear plates at the same height.

The excess part of the unattached strand is simply folded inboard and it can be easily secured using the PALS attachment system of any appropriate pouches. If no pouches are present or located in the relevant positions then tape/paracord/zip ties/one wrap can be used to rig up a solution.

As I say I recommend you setup your PPE in the most secure manner possible and I do not have any need to personally do this. However I do endeavour to understand the most popular gear items on the US market as best I can, given what I am currently involved in and my future aspirations. This slight modification is simple a byproduct of attempting to go through the process of setting up the kit in question in a proper manner.

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