Norwegian G3 Combats

I know it’s a very niche segment of people that will actually want to make a purchase like this, but I thought I’d share the link anyway. I’m sure a lot of you also like to window shop, I know I often do.…

Point to note – these do not come with the AC/G2 style tag as depicted on the above product page, like the first batch of Norwegian Woodland pattern G3s did. These come with a standard G3 white and orange label on the fabric of the left back pocket (which are heat-application transfers I would guess, though I’ve not dug in to that).

I’ll be entirely honest, I ordered my pair some time ago, credit to a scandinavian buddy of mine for that one. For a good while the English portion of the Norse Gear site ( was actually down and they weren’t shipping out of Norway, but that was lifted a week or two ago.

You can’t get matching shirts sadly at the time of writing and I’m not aware of any plans for manufacture. A small amount of G3 field shirts were produced in the older batch, but no Crye Precision combat shirts exist in this pattern.

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