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Description of how I usually spend my free time for me at tacticool HQ:

For some reason something I read over at Soldier Systems Daily had me thinking about something Arc’teryx make (and how disappointed I was at the rudeness of the guys manning the Arc booth at SHOT), so I went on to Tactical Distributors for a browse since they’re the commercial side of ADS, Inc. and the main source for LEAF stuff. Then I headed to TD’s clearance section because they ALWAYS have a ton of good stuff on clearance. Noticed they had some of their rather rare High Speed Gear US Woodland pattern load bearing items on sale.

That lead me to sidle on over to the HSGI main site, and as I generally do at any tactical store I clicked on to their new products section. Most of the new offerings were variations on their TACOs, lots of LT, belt mounted and combo options to suit any requirement. More unusually they also had this new chest rig:

Yep, it’s the same basic shape at the front as the Eagle RRV, just like a thousand other chest rigs that almost every tactical nylon company has made over the years. FirstSpear have done one just like it but it’s never been shown on their website.

It would certainly be interesting to see someone try to mount a hydro pouch on the back of this one using the PALS slots on the backs of the shoulder straps and the pad on the back strap. I generally run PCs in airsoft because I’m yet to find a chest rig that integrates hydro without the weight of the water at the back pulling the front of the rig up.

This new offering is also in 1000D cordura instead of 500 which is unusual these days, someone at SHOT actually said to me they didn’t think 1000D multicam was even being made anymore. What the cordura is laminated with they don’t say, probably hypalon but lots of companies are really cagey about that for some reason (even though the construction is super obvious as soon as you see the stuff in person). Not surprising that basically everyone now is gradually moving over to reverse/negative space PALS using laser cut clots.

They f’d up by backing the entire thing in their neoprene though if you ask me. The biggest complaint I see all over the place with the HSGI SureGrip PALS belts is how sweaty and non-breathable that neoprene is, I’ve got a couple of sets of their shoulder pads with the same material inside and it’s basically like rubber, literally zero sweat escapes. It’s one of those materials that leaves a perfect shape of where it was been in the form of a soaked sweat patch on your shirt once you take it off.

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