Nyet, Hide of Ural Mountain Badger is Fine

When I post the upper half, you know the lower is coming. Giena Tactics‘Tactical Pants GC’ in some nice authentic Partizan/SS Summer all the way from the other side of the iron curtain.

Essentially you’ve got pretty much the CP Gen 2 or AC cut going on here but without the stretch panels and a couple of other minor changes here and there, which means you’re left with something akin to a field cut trouser that fits the Combat knee pads. Crye pads are fully compatible and the G3 style covers for the pad pockets are present meaning you can easily run the field pads or none at all. Pad position is also adjustable via elastic cords in the small front pockets as you would expect.

The ankle pockets have been omitted (which I’m a fan of) but you’ve still got 8 pockets left in total and 2 adjustment tabs on the backs of the knees when Cryes only have 1. Double layered seat, slightly padded around the waist with again a G3 style gusset in the crotch, though as above that portion is made from py/co rather than any sort of stretch fabric.

General stitch per inch count looks a little on the lower side on my set and there’s one area where something’s gone wrong on a pocket corner, but they have put in a lot of time doing bar tacks and reinforcements in various key places. All that said, for around $80 you’re actually getting a comparatively very well made product. Not perfect, but extremely good value for the money and so much better of a choice than a lot of the cosplay-only china clone gear.

Between the low price and the very wide range of patterns available that you simply won’t see very often (doubly so in this cut), I’d say if you’re reading this post you’re the kind of person who would at the very least enjoy taking a look at the product line Giena offers.

I picked up my set directly. Grey Shop – Motherland Supply used to stock a lot of Giena Tac, but they’re not bringing it in these days by the looks of things. Shipping out of Russia will take a little bit because obviously the place is bloody massive and I’d imagine their postal service can be somewhat.. chaotic.

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