Often Misguided Symbolism

MoraleMondays from Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Honestly I find this whole ‘300’ Spartan hoplite obsession that’s swept the US shooting community to be pretty funny in a lot of ways. ¬†Historically, the actual citizens of Sparta were often regarded as each being worth many of the men of other countries and cultures; and the elite 300 that were selected as the king’s guard were the best of those elites. ¬†However spartan society also revolved around the principal of their actual citizens being served by huge amounts of slaves, not exactly the modern American way.

I like the patch because it’s free of text (which is surprisingly uncommon when you really look around) and the colours are bold with prominent symbolism, but I certainly don’t subscribe to any of this ‘modern warrior’ BS that some companies use to try and sell their products to people who think buying a certain rifle or camo shirt will turn them in to the greatest fighters humanity has ever seen.

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