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Once You Go

Really excellent little skirmish at Ambush Adventures ‘The Billet’ last night. Small site and some that was shut,but with only about 20 or so players it worked really nicely. Cold, dark, very close quarters.

Discoveries and gear lessons learned:
-First time out with the FirstSpear Asset shirt, Mk3 combats from PLATATAC and Gunfighter belt from TYR Tactical, LLC. I knew this was all quality gear going in and it was no doubt going to work well; I was not let down.

-Micro red dot from Primary Arms, LLC has brightness settings for every condition.

-The Haley Strategic Partners MP2 inserts got their first proper usage and as I expected, they are superb all around. Solid retention yet still with an easy draw and so much easier to index and re-insert magazines with all your gear on compared to almost any other option on the market.

-Bone stock TM SCAR-L on a fresh new 7.4v LiPo cycles and shoots like a damn champ. Only lock-ups I had on the GB came from firing as fast as possible on semi and not fully pulling the trigger in the correct manner. Other than that, my trigger finger could not out-run the gun.

-The Stark Arms, LLC G17 Gen4 was not behaving at all. First time I’d tried to use it in a game, it functioned fine at home with no BBs, but the ammunition in the mags was seemingly preventing the slide cycling properly. Sometimes it would get stuck trying to move to the rear, sometimes the loading nozzle to stop behind the top round in the mag. Being in brand new condition with almost zero oil or grease and a fairly coarse finish on the slide, it clearly needs a lot of breaking in and lubrication. Or I’ll just use all-plastic TM guns when I’m outdoors in the winter, rather than metal slide guns.

-I have an INFORCE WML (standard version) with a switch between momentary and constant functions. Unfortunately the position for momentary is with the toggle switch facing towards the shooter meaning it gets bumped forward when your thumb goes for the pressure pad. At first this seemed to be causing the light to get stuck in a super low-level output mode that was entirely useless. But then I put in a fresh CR123 and the problem went away. The issue was incredibly intermittent during the game though, and the fact the light was switching down to a low output mode was confusing. I know now it was obviously an emergency low power setting, but when you’re so accustomed to electronics that simply die (or bleep or flash) when the battery is low/dead it does confuse things. I do bring spare batteries for everything electronic with me wherever I go, but as the voltage in the battery was obviously slightly ‘regenerating’ while not in use, the full power output would return inbetween attempts leaving me unaware that I simply needed a new power source. All that aside however, the output of the light is extremely impressive for something so small and feather light.

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