Part of the Process

If you’re enjoying the content you’re seeing, I hope you stay tuned because I have got SO much more gear to showcase and talk about.

The ‘storm’ we had in parts of the UK during Saturday meant it was a tad blustery, sadly no good for photography of light, fabric stuff like camo clothing and nylon gear. A lot of the reason I struggle to get more stuff on YouTube is down to the fact I can only ever photograph or film on weekends or leave, and since I have nowhere indoor that’s any good for that, it all gets done outside so I’m entirely at the mercy of the lighting conditions and weather in general to actually get anything ‘on to film’. Too much wind and I can’t record or shoot, stuff will just blow around and audio won’t come out. Cold kills the camera batteries, but I’ll crack on in any temperature as long as the wind isn’t howling, otherwise what’s the point in owning all these tactical jackets?

The wind was still going some today, but with the arrival of a big ol’ box of kit this past week I simply wasn’t coming back to work empty handed. Got out there just before 10, got a little help from Passive Shooter to get the Mail Call overall shot in the can (I think you lot will enjoy this one), stopped briefly for lunch then stayed out til 5 with my trusty Canon. Drove back to base this evening with over 200 pictures of 25 different bits of gear from all sorts of brands and places. Overall very chuffed with that, got a TON of sorting and uploading to do but if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t spend so much of my spare time doing it.

Also remember that facebook are wankers, so check over at remftacticool.com at least once a week or so to see all the content herr Zuckerberg has hidden from you or look me up on Instagram by the same name (it’s still ok over there just about.. for now).

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