Patches AWOL

I’m afraid to say that at this moment I’m all out of patches to post for #MoraleMondays.  I have some in the collection that I might not have already posted, but it’s hard to be sure without spending an inordinate amount of time going through years’ worth of Monday posts.  Had a pretty solid run though so I hope you’ve all enjoyed the feature thus far.

It’ll be another month or two at least before I get more in, but I am fairly picky and I don’t tend to buy any if I feel they’re not relevant to me personally.  Some may have noticed the site has changed aesthetically and that is to facilitate better integration with shop software as I slowly work towards the opening of the new and much improved version of the REMF Tac patch store.  It’ll have a lot more stock than the previous simple store and initially it will be other companies efforts in stock rather than my own, but hopefully over time that will change as and when I come up with good ideas for patches.

For now, here’s the back of the new work t-shirts we’ve gotten in here at Benson Armoury, featuring our native Puma 2 aircraft, the ever-present explosive hazard symbol and some belted 556 ammo.  Not my design and not 100% what I’d have gone with, but it’s a fitting enough design when I’m fixing guns in the bat and some pretty high quality custom work from Moosejam Tactical.

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