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I don’t know about the rest of you but I have to say I hit the Visa HARD over the weekend, however there’s no regrets because I keep a list of everything I ‘need’ to complete a project/loadout/whatever and I never stray far from that. I’ve not been spending out much the past 4-6 months so when the sales do hit I can make my money work hard for me; a strategy I highly recommend. At this point I know the retailers and brands I like, I know which ones will be good and reliable and I know what’s a genuine good deal when I see one. Also we all know when these sales are coming, they’re like clockwork, so save for them in advance and make every £/$ stretch as far as possible. You very rarely need to pay full price for anything.

Tactical DistributorsSKD Tactical and O P Tactical Gear Store had great sales on of course and they’re usually my go-tos, but I went slightly off the beaten path this time around, since I’m pretty well setup in terms of the more widely available commercial pouches, apparel etc. As it happens I managed to track down a couple of bits of very nice gear that filled gaps in my collection right here in Europe and the pricing was in line (or better) that what I was seeing in the US with all factors taken in to account, which made a real change.

In the end I opted for a few bits from Edgar Brothers/Edgar Brothers ShopFRV TailoringPolenar TacticalGrey Ghost and 2 other related brands that are going on my RIFs which I won’t mention just now. Plus of course one or two things from classifieds and used gear groups, as per usual. My goal is always to keep things cycling through, new designs, better quality items, interesting camo patterns, good things to review and make my rigs and RIFs lighter, more ergonomic, more comfortable, faster and easier to manipulate in whichever way is applicable.

Also I absolutely froth over a real bargain, even if it’s not mine, so if you got anything real cool or gucci at a sweet price point the past 4 days l want to hear about it.

And if you haven’t yet, hit the blue shop button to take a quick look at my little patch store. Might just see something you like.

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