PCU Primer

This may ‘only’ be a product specific video, but if you want to gain more understanding of all this softshell/inclement weather clothing I’ve banged on about in the past, this does an amazing job. Only 6 minutes long yet this is a solid primer for better understanding more in-depth discussions and other pieces about PCU/ECWCS style (doesn’t really apply to PCS since brit kit still doesn’t include a softshell layer) foul weather layering. Also a great video for demonstrating the concept of *not* insulating yourself and fully prioritising moisture management during fast movement and heavy activity.

Hill People Gear have their stuff made by FirstSpear with some more outdoor/mountaineering twists, less military aesthetics and features. The FS Windcheater is a very popular jacket for good reason and I’d strongly consider going for the HPG version of it.

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