PenCott’s Urban Entry

Soldier Systems Daily posted up these previews of some apparel in a new PenCott Camouflage offering that I’ve been expecting to show up for a while now.

ATACS have LE and Multicam have Black. Krpytek have Typhon but they also have Raid, Banshee and Altitude, they just don’t want to actually get them printed on to rolls of useful, general purpose fabrics (I’ve asked people at Kryptek if they’ll ever get around to it but alas nothing).

Anyway, I was somewhat worried PenCott might fall down the ‘black with a twist’ trap which is pointless in my opinion, you might as well just wear plain black. Luckily however this pattern looks to be a mixture of khaki shades, browns and greys in tones that actually make some real sense in urban environments. Not a million miles off the grey shades Mil-Spec Monkey has been developing.

Sadly very few companies offer well made, well thought-out apparel in PenCott patterns right now. GreenZone is easy enough to find but if you want some high quality Badlands there’s very little to choose from, and if you want Sandstorm you almost might as well forget it. UR-Tac are good at churning out a LOT of different camo options using quality materials though, almost all fully fledged NYCO. I don’t have any of their stuff in the collection these days but I’ve owned plenty over the years and when you want a combat cut uniform and/or a trouser that takes Crye pads in a pattern that other people don’t make there’s always a strong chance these guys will be making it.

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