PIG FDT-Deltas in Multicam

I am not 100% because this is going back some time, but I think it was an early Kit Badger review that really made my mind up on trying the SKD Tactical Delta gloves after owning and wearing the original Alphas for so many years (thanks to Alex Ko for opening my eyes on that front back in 2013).

For me, at this time, there is no better glove than these for warm weather within the realm of tactical type kit. When the mercury drops you will probably want some more insulation and have to sacrifice some measure of dexterity, but for those warmer months then the Delta is king. SKD have long stood by the ‘bareback shooting feel’ promotional line and I find myself agreeing with that wholeheartedly. I have worn many other types of glove in the past which have been a hindrance in some small way or another, but there is absolutely none of that with the Deltas. Plus they allow you to use your phone which is very handy because to get the most out of them you have to choose your size carefully and get a good, close fit.

The long-enduring debate of course is PIG vs Mechanix – fit and dexterity versus durability and I know some folks out there get almost as fired up on this topic as some people do on iPhone versus Galaxy.

My personal experience over the years after owning maybe 15 pairs (combining both brands) has been that frankly the durability between the two is pretty similar when comparing like for like in terms of models. I’ve had small seam bursts in the fingers of relatively new gloves with both brands, but I do have a pair of original Alpha gloves that are easily 5 years old with a fair bit of usage and no signs of giving up the ghost. I’ve also owned work-glove type Mechanix that have seen serious abuse in my 9 to 5 and held up like absolute champs. Just as a couple of examples; and of course I spend a lot of time aggregating other’s experiences wherever possible.

It seems to be that the PIG line has the objectively best design and construction when it comes to dexterity, particularly at the finger tips where it matters most. The Deltas are well priced, come in a pretty wide range of colours and camos and perform extremely well in hot weather, so they are my personal choice and my recommendation. But, as with everything I recommend there is always the caveat that what works great for me and many others still might not be the best for you, so just try as much different kit as you can whenever the opportunity arises.

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