Platatac + Kryptek Mandrake

My personal preference is to try and collect the overall best example of a uniform I can find for a given pattern, preferably in a combat cut that will accept Crye pads. These PLATATAC Tac Dax Mk2s represent the all around highest quality combat cut trousers in the Kryptek Outdoor Group patterns that have ever been manufactured to my knowledge and I was pretty lucky to find this pair new and in my size just a bit less than 2 years ago, especially since they were long out of production at that point. These patterns have of course fallen significantly in popularity within the ‘tactical’ realm since they first hit the market, so quality combat type uniforms are much less common at this point (something Kryptek themselves are working on changing at the moment), but the patterns do seem to have caught on with hunters in the US fairly significantly.

The pocket layout here is essentially Crye’s AC/Gen 2, but you’ve got the stretch panel in the groin and the waist adjustment from Gen 3s. The main fabric is 5050 NYCO and the stretch material is either the same as Crye uses or very close. The knee pad height adjusters are notably not present, but this is if anything a small bonus from my perspective as I always leave my knee pads at the lowest possible setting and still find them slightly too high. Also this is a feature that could very easily be added in, if you did prefer to have that adjustment.

The Mandrake, Highlander and Typhon variants of these sets from Platatac were the largest quantities produced from what I’ve seen and Haley Strategic Partners carried them briefly in the US as the ‘D3 Uniform’, which I reckon is a partial result of Travis being somewhat an enthusiast for the same sorts of camo sets as I am. Though admittedly there’s no way to 100% substantiate that, I’m just going off what I’ve seen him wear in a lot of the HSP firearms classes when he teaches.

The Tac Dax Mk2s were also made in a couple of Aus Army patterns, Multicam, Kryptek Nomad (which I’ll be posting here down the line) and possibly some AOR/NWU as well as others. I’m hoping Platatac might make their Mk3 PTGs (which take Crye pads) again in future to include some rare/interesting camouflage patterns using regular NYCO fabrics, instead of just the solid colour FR line they currently offer. Fingers crossed.


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    Probably the only set that I’ll never get my hands on, since I’ve been missing out for a whole lot, and been liking Kryptek a lot more than MultiCam, due to the popular transitional camo being used by a plethora of special forces and law enforcement units, or I’ll just say that the camo being overrated in general. Although I do have some respect for the camo that was supposed to be issued to the US Army and instead opted for their own OEF-CP, or OCP camo by the Natick Labs just by refining it.

    I did find a set on EBay in Highlander pattern, but it’s a little suspicious for me to get, since there’s only one picture and I think it was priced around $500 if I’m not mistaken (again, correct me if I’m wrong). Still, I’ve been eyeing on this site for a while and I thought I should say, an excellent review to read on, since I’ve read almost every single one of them.

    What do you think of the sizing and the quality in terms of sewing and cut made for the improvement by Platypus Outdoor, so far? And I thought of having to get a custom pair based on these and the Crye G3s from Roman as well someday, since his looks promising too.

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      Thanks for coming by. I’d say if you want a combat set in Kryptek going some F9E items from Roman is honestly the way to go unless you want to scour the internet for years for the old Platatac sets.

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