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Platatac VM Chest Rig – LBT Competitor

The Vehicle Mounted chest rig from PLATATAC. Somewhat old school design, but given how much usage rigs like this have seen you really can’t argue that they work. They’ll definitely take whatever you can throw at them and store your gear safe and sound.

Sadly they seem to have discontinued production a while back, which is a shame because I think they offered a lot better value than LBT gear does. But if you want to get an idea of how they put things together check out my video here:

Honestly folks even if you’re not planning to watch this video I’d really appreciate the click/tap. One of the criteria the NSSF go by when dishing out SHOT Show badges is YT videos with 1k+ views, so if everyone who saw this could literally just watch each video for a second then close it again that will help me greatly in getting to Vegas and bringing the best possible coverage on the very latest gear hot off the presses.

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