Potential PCS Update News

PCS is the MoD’s equivalent to ACU. When we switched from DPM and DDPM we also switched from the CS95 clothing system/’cut’ over to MTP camo and PCS in one go (with the small exception of some CS95s in MTP at the very very start and some barracks wear). Similar to the switch from Woodland/3 col on BDUs over to UCP on ACUs, or MARPAT on MCCUU.

PCS has been standard issue in British forces for around a decade now and so much has been made that you’ll see plenty of it in Ukraine amongst other hot spots around the world. While the Royal Marines have famously been issued Crye G4 uniforms in Multicam for a few years now, PCS hasn’t changed much this past 10 years, aside from a few very minor tweaks that generally aren’t visible externally.

This image that’s been going around UK military circles on Facebook the past few days suggesting some interesting updates to PCS. If it’s true then this new version would be by far the most modern cut that has ever been standard issue for the British Army, RAF and RN.

Obviously this feature set is a balance of cost vs performance and I’d presume the PYCO blend fabric will remain the same, but for the most part I’d say the changes are for the better. The shoulder pads are a head scratcher since PLATATAC tried that and went back again, but we’ll see what the actual front line guys think of that one.

Personally I’d like to just see the front line troops get either Cryes or, more realistically, a copy manufactured by the current contractor. Then some sort of plain RG or Khaki utility uniform for barracks wear in a cut along the lines of current PCS/ACU (both fairly similar), but seemingly there isn’t any appetite for that sort of system on a joint service level.


  1. Scott

    Good info. Thanks for this.

  2. Sandy

    I asked our clothing store about the new PCS and got told flat out that it’s only for GCC troops only.

    I actually agree with you on the Solid colour pcs daily working uniform though

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