Pre-SHOT 2020 Madness

I’ve been doing a LOT of prep and organisation for this Vegas trip over the past week or two.

I’m going to spend a lot of time in ranges and just about every minute possible on the floor during SHOT Show, but based on extensive past experience I will be doing things a little differently this year. In previous years I have tried to be not only ‘first’ but also get there first with a level of detail nobody else is bringing when it comes to the most important gear news from the¬†show. This has been draining to say the least, certainly when I’m jet lagged to hell on an 8 hour time difference in a very alien climate, then walking the show all day and then trying to type up a ton of stuff for this page and the website in my room in the evening. The past couple of years I’ve come bloody close to drooling all over my laptop keyboard when falling asleep on it and that’s after drinking 3-4 cups of coffee in rapid succession even though I never drink tea/coffee/energy drinks.

All the important releases and really cool and interesting stuff will be covered in short format while I’m away, then once I’m home I’ll look at some more detail on the very top new kit that folks want to see and I’m able to obtain a good amount of information on. So be sure to follow @thefull9_ on Instagram if you haven’t already and I may link IG to here to auto-repost just for a week.

There weren’t a great many big new products for 2019 but the show usually peaks every other year so fingers’ crossed. Being 2020 I expect laser guns for space force and jet packs.

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