Protect The Helmet

If you’ve dropped a big old wedge in to fancy head gear (which could be many, many thousands in some cases) I really have to recommend you spend a comparative smidge more and pick yourself up a FirstSpear Helmet Hut.

I might go over mine in a video at some point but you can pretty much see all you need to see in a picture. There’s padding all around with various rigid inserts to encase all those valuables. The central webbing strap locks down the helmet with both tension and a velcro interface with the loop on most modern designs, as well as helmet covers that mimic the loop distribution of the helmet shell. Then there’s zipped pockets along both sides for all those patches and blinkey widgets. I don’t reckon I actually need to discuss material quality or stitch work.

Personally I put my PVS and mount inside a thickly padded case for an old compact camera that was handed down to me years ago. That case goes inside my Ops-Core where my head would be, then the whole thing is strapped inside the Hut. I leave my ARC rail adaptors on as well usually since there’s plenty of space inside for those to be swung back on top of the helmet with your choice of electronic hearing protection mounted. Depending on your setup, if you can’t swing back your ear defs they can just be detached and ride alongside the bucket.

Given that the rifle and helmet tend to be the 2 main locations for layering on of gizmos, I’m really a fan of a neat, organised and protective container for all of my head mounted kit. Once there’s a helmet in there, there isn’t necessarily huge swathes of storage space in the side pouches for 7 different types of strobe, a dozen spare batteries, multiple pairs of goggles etc but there certainly is space for the key, expensive items you’ll want to treat with care. This keeps the overall size of the Hut down which is handy since you’re likely to be stashing it inside another kit bag, especially for any sort of travel where you’re not in a personally owned vehicle and need to keep all your belongings amalgamated. Definitely a consideration for military folks and for civilians who might be travelling with a full load of personal equipment around their country or around the world.

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