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Protecting WMLs on 2-Way Ranges

Something I’ve been meaning to pick up for years and an expensive lesson learned after having a SureFire Vampire light head shot out at a game years ago.  A tip for the guys doing UTM and SimFX stuff and all you airsofters. I know there are other ways to do this, this is just one way that’s mess-free, reliable and easy to do that I picked up from another airsoft player.

If you want to protect the front lenses and LEDs in your SF Scout light heads pick up the Maglite AA accessory kit, specifically the AA version. You get some other little bits with it that don’t matter but this hexagonal plastic piece is the main thing. It’s a real tight fit but works on all the regular and IR light heads I have here from Surefire. The kits are on Amazon.

Once you have this you just need a clear polycarbonate disc to fit in it, I ordered one from eBay that’s 26mm in diameter and only cost £3 shipped, but if you have some old eye pro laying around you’ll never use you can cut that up. Anything at all with a strong lens, be it shooting glasses or the visor from a motorbike helmet etc, doesn’t need to be dead flat.

If you’re in the US you can get the official SF Slip-On bezel filter then add the polycarbonate lens from elsewhere but that kit is $30 whereas the above solution should be about half that or less. Not so great for those outside the states though because nobody seems to stock them so the Maglite will work out way cheaper.

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