PTS ACR Masada – Hydro Dipped

An early 10s throwback I just had to post after stumbling upon one by pure chance a couple of weeks back.

The airsoft version of the Masada/ACR has probably fared a little better than the real firearm in terms of availability and production of accessories, though not by a huge margin admittedly. Sadly PTS didn’t make the licensed version of the gun for very long before Magpul pulled the plug, but I think the unlicensed copy by A&K, while it did weirdly vanish back when demand was peak, is basically still being made to this day and I saw examples in stock not long ago. While not dimensionally correct and not as nice externally, I believe it’s fairly standard parts inside which means it’s the better purchase if you want an airsoft ACR to shoot a lot in games.

One very cool part of the story with the electric gun versions however takes the shape of the batches that were hydro dipped (all the rage at the time). For a while you could buy the licensed PTS version of the gun factory dipped in Multicam, ATACS-AU and also some rather generic desert and woodland digital patterns that were roughly in the same vein as MARPAT.

I don’t recall exactly which year these came out, but in terms of non-military camos that were actually designed for tactical use, MC and original ATACS were pretty much the only options for a while. The hype when ATACS was coming out was quite insane, (comedically so in hindsight) and Multicam didn’t really have the same wide acceptance that it does now. The only other gear/uniforms available were either military surplus in the 90s camos like US Wood and DPM, or the old generation of flat colours which often were still OD and tan rather than RG and CB. Pretty crazy to think that we’ve gone from that to where we are now in just 12 years or so and now you can get uniforms in a totally bewildering array of patterns. 

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