PTS Delivery and Why I Like What They Do

One last company to thank for sending some swag to perk up the morale here in my armoury – PTS​. They’ve also been kind enough to provide a couple of little bits for me to feature here down the line; the Griffin Armament M4SD-K mock silencer and their hammer comp, as well as the Battle Arms Development​ licensed 45 degree throw ambi selectors which will be going in my next KWA LM4 build (short barrel in grey for CQB games and this selector will complement that setup perfectly).

I had a dig through my e-mails to check order confirmations and I’ve been buying PTS stuff myself since at least 2010, if not a fair bit earlier. I’ve made numerous purchases throughout that time and had very, very few issues at all, certainly no major ones. That in itself can be a rarity when it comes to airsoft manufacturers and their lax approach to tolerances and material selection. Compared to the vast majority of airsoft-centric brands, their consistency is way up there and the quality is very high indeed, though the prices are still extremely competitive and certainly don’t exclude those who aren’t spending thousands on meticulous PTW/Inokatsu builds and the like. Yet they use proper Dupont nylon for their plastic parts, easily rivalling a fair few producers of firearms accessories and it’s a similar story with anything that’s metal. All things taken to account, I’m more than happy to accept things for review because I can be confident it’s going to be well made and not a waste of my time.

I’ll admit I do miss the days when they had the Magpul license because I prefer my own replicas to use all parts that look like real ones, so despite the practicality of their new EP series I’ve not purchased any myself just because of the styling. The licenses they hold for all sorts of muzzle devices, handguards and other parts however are put to very good use and if I can’t use a real firearm part on a build (either through legality or interfacing) I’ll go PTS an awful lot of the time.

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