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Put Something On The End Of It

Here in the UK, muzzle devices fall under the components of a firearm which it would be illegal to purchase and fit to an airsoft replica (technically just flash hiders, but it’s not worth the risk given the punishments).  So given that rifle barrel thread specs on real comps and brakes are different to those found on airsoft equivalents, it leaves us with replica muzzle devices being the only real option, even though some firearm accessories are quite legal to own and fit to a replica (buttstocks and other simple parts that do not contribute to the function of the weapon).

Within the field of replica muzzle devices I’ve tried many brands (G&P, King Arms, VFC etc) and to cut right to the chase, PTS accessories are always my go-to in this area now and have been for some time.  Most airsoft manufacturers copy various real firearm devices but do not license them, which isn’t ideal in my books and more crucially they also manufacture these items (in most cases) as cheaply as possible.  Often using chunks of cast pot metal with incredibly weak paint finishes.

PTS hold licenses from AAC and Griffin Aramament (amongst others) and produce a wide range of very high quality flash hiders, compensators, muzzle brakes and everything inbetween.  They’re made using good aluminium with tough anodising on the outsides, meaning they not only look and feel far nicer than most of the competition, they interface with the relevant silencers that PTS also manufacture very nicely indeed; not to mention many of them come supplied with spacer and alignment washers to ensure you don’t have to purchase any other parts to get a correct fit on your gun.

Does this quality come at a price?  Yes somewhat, you’ll certainly pay more for a PTS hider or comp than you would an unbranded chinese copy that’s been made with the sole aim of selling at the lowest possible RRP.  However in my experience your muzzle is something that will definitely take some wear and the brunt of a few knocks when using a gun, regardless how hard you try and keep it off the ground, so it’s not something to skimp on.

Pictured above is a PTS Griffin compensator fitted to a TM recoil M4, as well as another of the same comps which I purchased based on the quality displayed in the original item.

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