Rhodesian – Pt. 2

Obviously I wasn’t going to just leave you all hanging with the upper half. Not when all the action happens below the waist in the realm of combat cut uniforms.

Of course I had to commission a set because how else will I get those likes on my loadout pics on Insta? So I did something similar to the shirt with the combat trousers and simplified them a touch. Personally I find I never use any of the features on Cryes below the knee pad pockets, so I had the velcro adjustment for the pads, the ankles pockets and the ankle cuffs all deleted from this pair. In future I’m intending to go further and remove a couple of other things from the CP design that I also never use but I’m fairly happy with this setup.

Although the weight saving is almost nothing in the scheme of things, in relation to a percentage of the overall weight of the garment there’s a reasonable chunk knocked out and the lower leg area just feels freed up slightly in terms of movement. Again, extremely minor gains but when you have the opportunity to clear out something you don’t want or need it’s worth taking. What I feel are the crucial parts of the G3 cut like the 3 stretch panels, the cargo pockets, knee pad pockets etc have of course been kept fully intact.

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