Roberts’ Space Industries

Well, that’s the most I’ve ever spent on a video game in my entire life.

I was seriously obsessed with the Wing Commander games as a young kid (those cut-scenes must look *painfully* 90s now), similar story with X-Wing and TIE fighter.  Played Freelancer to absolute death in my teens.  EVE online is rather too complex and hardcore for my liking as far as a space MMOs go, I can’t say I got in to X2 either; but I think Star Citizen has a real shot at being initially accessible and fun, while still having the depth required to give longevity and make for some properly epic large-scale star wars between the clans and factions setup by players within the universe.  I’m also really, really hoping that a good 3D headset will emerge in 2016 that’ll add to the immersion of the game in a meaningful fashion.

I’m probably hyping myself up too much, but what can I say, the detail displayed on the ships that RSI showed off in the first trailers it released definitely reeled me in (I’ll certainly be pissed off if a similar standard isn’t maintained throughout the rest of the title).  I believe given the money they’ve received and the credentials of the team, this game does have the potential to be of incredibly high quality as well as being hugely popular for many years.  Now we sit for another year or two, or three, while they actually finish it all.

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