Roman G3 Combat Pants – Tiger Stripe

I think the pictures speak for themselves, if you missed the Roman/Tiger Stripe Products G3 Field Shirt the other day then check that out because I ordered these at the same time. Also ordered a combat shirt to finish out the set I wanted in the TSP fabric, but that one’s a little more special and will be covered another time.

Now, for the news. For a good year now I have been contemplating teaming with with my man Roman to offer a specific cut of G3-style items that feature the alterations and changes I’ve been experimenting with myself over the past 3 or 4 years of being a frequent customer of his. Those who’ve seen my other uniform items from him posted up online will have probably read about some of these and I know a couple of you out there have had them custom-fit in to your own Roman orders, but I wanted to have a super simple way for anyone to be able to just order a set without writing the long list that I do when I pay for new gear from his workshop.

I’m going to simply name it the Full 9 Edition. Chintzy as that might perhaps be I think it’s easy to remember and all you’ll have to do when you DM Roman to order is say “hey I want a combat set in X camo, the full 9 edition please” and boom, your custom settings are all built in.

The details haven’t been fully hashed out yet in their entirety, but I’ve got a good idea of what we’ll be doing. The basic idea is to tailor the design specs to the sporting/hobby user versus the current Crye design that was laser focused towards special forces personnel. G3s are aimed at the sort of individuals who are always carrying lots of gear on them and need to absolutely wring out every tiny little thing from their apparel, a lot of which is not required by even regular military folks let alone range larpers, airsofters and paintballers. This edition is going to include a few optional extras that I know many people care about, then in other areas we will trim the fat to both lower the weight and bring that cost back down to the regular level, potentially even lower. The end product will be lighter, with none of the features you’ll never use, yet with the added bonuses I know many will appreciate.

As an example; look at my Tiger Stripe G3 combat pants here. A lot of people don’t even spot the issue and in smaller camo patterns it doesn’t even matter, but the vertical alignment of the fabric on the knee pad pockets is something that some folks find they can’t unsee once they have seen it (apologies to those who never noticed it before now). The reason Roman makes his trousers this way is to basically eliminate material wastage in the early parts of the manufacturing process and you can request to have the regular horizontal alignment when ordering normal G3s, but because that wastes more raw material it will cost you a little extra. In the Full 9 Edition the proper ‘in sync’ alignment will always be included in the price and we’re going to cut out some other stuff like the ankle pockets that 99% of casual end users simply don’t require and almost never use.

I have a plan for this specific cut of uniform fairly well formulated in my mind and as I say is based on many years of testing different configurations and variations on the G3 combined with my experiences of owning and trying dozens and dozens of other uniforms over the past 14 years or so. However I’d still like any feedback you good folks have in this regard. Primarily, whether this is something you’d even like and if you’d consider ordering this set from Roman over regular G3s? What are your personal priorities in any sort of apparel for the hobbies you under take? Let me know.

Cheers folks.


  1. Shot Scientist

    My personal wishlist has your two mains plus a few extras:

    1. Delete the ankle pockets
    2. Where matching fabric is available use 500 denier cordura for the knee pad pocket (not sure if that would affect function)
    3. Vertical zipper on front of cargo pockets for secondary access
    4. Fine mesh internal gaiters to keep ticks etc. out
    5. Where the camouflage pattern has an orientation, orient all pockets etc. appropriately (it appears the thigh pocket fabric on yours are oriented vertically instead of horizontally)
    6. Delete the rear zippered pockets (don’t use them)

    • Comment by post author


      Obviously every single person’s exact preferences will vary a lot, there’s no way this will satisfy everyone precisely, but deleting some pockets and changing the orientation on at least the knees is on the list. Also when you order, any extra adjustments on top of the pre-set list can be added in if there’s some other small tweaks you want, though roman probably won’t do add-on stuff like zips that have never been part of the crye pattern. Most of this endeavour is about deleting the wasted features and correcting the few deviations Roman makes from the normal G3s.

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