Salt Mining with FirstSpear

I originally received the¬†FirstSpear¬†Asset shirt back around December 16, I tried it out straight away during a night skirmish to see how it might fare when paired with a plate carrier and a t-shirt underneath in temperatures hovering around zero C, including a moderate level of wind chill. I see a lot of people wearing t-shirts under combat shirts at all times of year which I don’t usually do myself or recommend because it negates the advantage of the design, but in cold weather it can be a comfortable solution.

I didn’t encounter any issues with the shirt to give me concern during this first run, however I don’t usually wear combat shirts in these sorts of weather conditions (that’s what Lvl 5 is for) and I didn’t want to review this thing without trying it out in the heat first. The Propper TAC-U was a key learning point for me in that when I first purchased one some years back it seemed like a fairly standard combat cut shirt, but turned out to perform very poorly indeed in hot weather, the materials were simply far too thick and heavy. If I’d published content on that piece before actually running around in it under a strong sun I’d have given some very misleading information. Fortunately that episode highlighted some important things for me when assessing clothing.

I own a few different pieces of UK/US issue and commercial Flame Resistant apparel now and generally find such items tend to be comprised of fabrics that are a little more weighty and rigid than your conventional cotton blend uniforms. The sleeves on the Asset actually are surprisingly light and flexible for a fully FR shirt, although the torso is tangibly thicker than standard no-melt no-drip offerings from Crye and Arc’teryx. This combined with my particular shirt being in flat black drove me to ensure I picked a good, warm day to do some running around for the next try out.

I spoke to a buddy of mine at FS to check they were ok with me hanging on to the shirt over the spring time and waiting for a suitable summer day and they had no issues in that regard. As you can see, despite me opting for a chest rig on the day in question instead of a plate carrier I had no problems in producing some findings with regard the heat and sweat transportation properties of The Asset.

I’ll be discussing more about it in a video in the near future.

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