Shop Tour at Pro Airsoft Supplies

I actually held this video back deliberately for a short time while I was talking to PAS regards a RIF I’d purchased that had a few problems (not the fault of the store in any way) for 1 simple reason; the true measure of any retailer in any sector is how they deal with things when a transactions doesn’t quite go 100% (or in this case the manufacturer hasn’t done a 100% job on their end).  Now don’t take that to say I doubted the guys there because I didn’t, but it simply made more sense to wait until the return was fully dealt with and completed before I passed further comment on the store given that maybe 3-4 people might read this.

I’m quite happy to say that the staff at PAS were very polite in all my contact with them and I didn’t have any problem at all getting hold of them via social media, e-mail or on the phone; which is something I can’t say for Zero-One and a couple of other places.  They stock a great range of AEGs and GBBs (from a fair few brands I’d actually be interested in), pistols, good gear for the starter (or indeed pretty much any) airsoft skirmisher as well as ton of mags, internal parts, accessories, consumables and just about anything else you could need.  Not that that in itself is at all unusual for an airsoft store, but nobody likes to have to pay for more postage because they had to buy from multiple different shops.  Plus I’d imagine it’s not uncommon for folks to buy entire loadouts from a single place.

The retail location is actually pretty close to a tube station and despite being in a real ‘cosy’ part of London where space is at a premium, they’ve seriously made use of the space they do have yet still kept the store feeling light and open, as opposed to the feeling you get when walking in to an actual armoury or gun museum.

I didn’t cover the small upper area where they’ve got a ton of internal parts on display and a shooting lane, nor did I go down to the basement where the teching happens and they keep the bulk storage of guns (not much point looking at boxes), but I’d say I’ve covered all the stuff that’s worth seeing here:

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