SHOT 18 Beginnings

After a lot of screwing around this afternoon waiting on NSSF to get their act together I have my badge, I’m in. Down to the FirstSpear range day tomorrow with Kit Badger and Femme Fatale Airsoft, maybe one other range as well but we’ll see how it works out since the logistics are a serious pig. Then it’s Tuesday the show floor opens and I turn in to Pac Man scooping up all the gear in every room before moving on to the next. The ghosts are stupid, lazy morons with wheelie carts stopping suddenly and without warning right in front of me, trying to take out my ankles.

I actually put in my registration to attend the show a good few months back, a couple of months before I even started on the change over of the blog URL and the naming changes on all the social media. At that point the writing on the badge was pretty much locked in (or at least not easily changeable in some simple manner) which meant I committed myself to putting in the effort needed to make all the changes to the website, Instagram, youtube, this page, all my forum signatures and every single video description with all of those URLs in. I definitely under estimated how difficult some of those things would be, especially changing the page name with facebook’s stupid policies, but having a name that people will actually be able to say is just such a nice change from the previous 2 years.

The long article(s) I mentioned not long ago are scheduled be publishing somewhere quite prominent just a few days after the show wraps up and again having a name for everything that most people can actually get their heads around (unlike the before) just makes way more sense on every level.

Tomorrow is really the true beginning of this hectic week and it’s likely to be a pretty long day, so fingers crossed basically that all the transport works as it should and I may be able to start putting up some content in the evening. If not then rest assured it won’t be lagging too far behind.

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