SHOT 19 – CMMG Pistol in 5.7mm

CMMG have a LOT of AR variants going this year with a full restructuring of their line up and probably the widest range of AR type rifles in non-standard calibres that actually have a very good reputation for reliability. Obviously from a collecting and interest perspective there’s something to be said for shooting different cartridges in their original platform but you simply can’t deny the AR as a form factor.
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Since everyone’s seen plenty of AR type rifles at this point I asked for their newest and most unusual model and I have to say personally I wasn’t let down. In their Banshee line they’ve got both pistols and SBRs chambered in FN 5.7x28mm using a locked breech, delayed blowback system and 5-7 handgun magazines that are already available. Although the guns do have rotating bolts there is no gas system and the 45 degree cuts you see on the rear of the bolt lugs allow the rearwards pressure of a fired case to unlock the bolt and ultimately impart far less recoil to the shooter vs direct blowback.
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Seeing as the PS90 cannot exist in a pistol format in the US (only rifle and SBR) and the magazines are huge and awkward to carry, this is actually a pretty interesting little gun. If you happen to want to shoot a PDW type round that’s efficient in a short barrel from a compact, handy little weapon without waiting ages and paying $200 for a tax stamp then this thing is cool.

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